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Every year hundreds of people are injured and many killed from incidents involving portable appliances.


Business owners and employees responsible For the health & safety please take note:

Even one electrical fault can leave Your company insurance void.

Please Read This Important Notice Regarding PAT Testing Your Electrical Devices...

Issued: Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Dear Business Owner (& those responsible for the health & safety),

The information contained in this letter is important to your business. Please take 3 or 4 minutes to read this carefully.

Just imagine for a second how you would feel if your staff or customer were electrocuted because of even one piece of faulty equipment or, unknown to you, a loose wire.

Sadly, incidents involving electrical equipment are more common than you think.

For example, last year the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) published figures stating that there were 24,992 fires, 998 electrical Shocks and worst, 30 deaths caused from electrical equipment.

What are the legal consequences of such an accident?

You could be taken to court and you and your business fined potentially thousands of pounds. Many real examples exist on the HSE website. One such case describes an employee being electrocuted and the business owner taken to court and fined £4,997.48.

You can read the account on www.hse.gov.uk (type in case no: F06000229).

You can-and should-protect yourself and your business from electrical misaps, Possible prosecution and fine by having Your devices pat tested. It is low cost, and protects you 100%

Without getting into fine legislation here, let me inform you that the Health & Safety Act 1974 will hold you responsible in the event of an accident.

Further, the electricity at work Regulations 1989 States that your electrical items should be maintained so they are safe.

The trouble is, we all assume electrical devices are safe until they go wrong, or until an electrical shock is experienced.

It is natural to act this way. But it’s dangerous. And when staff and members of the public are involved, it is potentially very costly (apart from the health or life risk to the person involved).

PAT testing is now available to your company: It 100% protects you, your staff, clients and your business

The Health and Safety executive suggest you regularly visually inspect and carry out electrical tests on all your electrical items. This includes items like kettles, computers, extension leads, fans, your fax machine, and any other devices with a plug.

The PAT test (portable appliance testing) now enables you to have every device professionally tested and certified at low cost. PAT testing by a reputable company is accepted by insurance companies as legal cover. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) accept PAT testing as proof of compliance with Electricity at work Regulations.

Importantly. PAT tested devices are even accepted in the unlikely event of an accident after the inspection and testing.

Your insurance and policy will have words to this effect:

“You must comply with all relevant legislation for your policy to remain valid.” What dose this mean to you? If you had a fire caused by a faulty electrical item you run the risk of the fire damage not being covered by your insurance policy.”

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